Heather Laurie, LCSW

Heather Laurie is a sass-talking, stilt-walking, idea-generating, 5’2″ force to be reckoned with.  She’s the creative arm of TALK, INC, and you may have experienced her work at events such as Deschutes Brewery’s Annual Halloween bashes, EDCO’s Civil War fundraiser, Red Nose District theme camp at Burning Man, or countless other parties & events throughout the region.  Heather grew up in Bend, OR, and returned here as an adult to live, work, & give back to the community that so lovingly raised her.

Heather graduated from Portland State University’s Masters of Social Work program in 2010, and has continued to foster dual career paths providing counseling/therapy & creative consulting.  To Heather, consulting, creative, & counseling all stem from the same skillset:  The ability to curate, design, & hold space for people to have the experience they need or want within it.  Heather has been working with adolescents & families for the past 15 years in wilderness, residential, non-profit, community-based, & outpatient mental health settings.  She excels in her work with challenging or counseling-resistant teens, and is adept at translating adolescent attitudes, behaviors, & developmental normalcies to adults in their lives.  Heather is also proud to get to work with children, adolescent, & adult members of the local LGBTQ community.  Her work is largely influenced by attachment & trauma theories, and she enjoys her role as a volunteer on Central Oregon’s EMDR Regional Committee.

She’s an adjunct faculty for Portland State University’s MSW program, provides cultural awareness and LGBTQ-focused trainings & consultation throughout the region, throughly enjoys staff & program development, and readily jumps at any opportunity to facilitate trainings, meetings, or retreats.  Heather brings her clinical social work training into her consulting & creative practice, and regularly gets the feedback that the businesses & organizations she works with feel truly heard, acknowledged, & supported throughout the process.  Be it creative, counseling, or consulting, the bigger the challenge, the harder she works to develop creative & innovative solutions that will help you SMASH your goals!

By the way, Heather enjoys all the normal Central Oregon things…like dogs, camping, hiking, road biking, getting in cool bodies of water on hot days, and various snow sports.  She also excels in the arts of the mid-century housewife, and can regularly be found cooking, baking bread, sewing, cleaning, engaging in various arts & crafts projects, playing guitar, & spending time with friends & family.

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